BenQ PD3200

Make Inspirations Come Alive.


4K UHD Resolution



2K QHD Resolution


Sensational High-Definition Visuals


Open your eyes to an expansive 32” display with astonishing levels of detail and clarity, crisp picture quality, and outstanding definition to take your breath away. Transform your ideas into reality without ever missing a detail again.


Wide Display


Viewing Angle

Spectacular Colourswith 100% sRGB

Work confidently with our PD series monitors which are Technicolour Colour Certified, and equipped with the latest technology to achieve 100% sRGB, Rec. 709, and 10-bit colour to ensure that every colour – more than 1 billion colours in all – is reproduced with optimal precision.




Colour Depth


Display Customization for Every Project


Maximise display performance for all your projects with customizable display modes. Our PD3200Q & PD3200U monitors are tailored with three modes (Darkroom, CAD/CAM, and Animation) that accentuate the details of graphics, making it easier for editing, creating, and visualizing in all environments.

Darkroom Mode


Animation Mode

2-in-1 DualView

Improve your workflow and enhance productivity by switching on DualView to showcase designs in two modes (e.g. sRGB and CAD/CAM) side-by-side without the need for two screens.

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2 in 1 Dual View

Maximise Efficiency with KVM Switch


Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) Switch function allows users to display and control the contents from two different PC systems on one screen using just one set of keyboard and mouse to save space and boost work efficiency.

Streamline Your Workflow


Switch between CAD/CAM, Animation and Low Blue Light Modes with a simple click of a button on the Hotkey Puck. Customize the buttons to map other modes or to adjust OSD settings such as brightness and contrast.

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Designed for Flexibility

Ergonomics can play a huge role in productivity. Adjust your monitor to the right height for ultimate comfort and an improved work flow. BenQ Smart Detection auto-pivots the display according to screen orientation so you can easily work with projects of all sizes.

Easy on the Eyes


BenQ’s Low Blue Light technology is designed to filter out harmful blue light, effectively diminishing eye fatigue and irritation. Paired with stable Flicker-free technology, you can work those long hours in front of the computer without damaging your eyes.


Without Flicker-free and Low Blue Light

With Flicker-free and Low Blue Light