BenQ SW320

Revive the Moment

Stunning Ultra High-Definition 4K Display

With a larger-than-life 31.5” 4K UHD (3840x2160) IPS panel, the astounding clarity of fine details and textures will leave you breathless. Maximize your visual-intensive work experience, and never miss a detail again no matter how small.


Wide Display


Viewing Angle

Extraordinary Colours with 99% Adobe RGB

Elevate your images to their full potential with 99% Adobe RGB colour, enhancing shades of blue and green for the sharpest colour precision. Matched with 10-bit colour technology, the SW320 ensures that every colour – more than 1 billion colours in all – is reproduced with extreme accuracy.




Colour Depth

High Dynamic Range

Experience truly realistic colours as you would in nature. High Dynamic Range (HDR) introduces a greater overall dynamic range between black and white to achieve a wider luminance and colour range than traditional non-HDR displays.

Brightness Uniformity

To optimize for a more authentic and consistent viewing experience, Brightness Uniformity is achieved through a delicate process involving the use of a high precision apparatus to meticulously fine-tune hundreds of sub-regions on the entire screen.

14-bit 3D LUT & Delta E≤2

The 14-bit 3D Look Up Table (LUT) improves RGB colour blending accuracy for impeccable colour reproduction. Utilizing Delta E≤2 in both Adobe RGB and sRGB colour spaces displays the truest version of the original image.


GamutDuo enables you to view content simultaneously in different colour spaces side-by-side for added comparison. Switch to PIP/PBP mode to enable GamutDuo.

Precise Calibration Tools

Achieve peak monitor performance with the equipped hardware and software tools. Adjust the monitor’s image processing chip without affecting the graphics card output, and maintain optimal colour performance with the Palette Master Element software* and a calibrator**.

*Supported Platforms: Win7 or above, Mac OS 10.6.8 or above **Supported Calibrators: X-Rite i1 Display Pro / i1 Pro / i1 Pro 2 & Datacolor Spyder 4 / Spyder 5

Shading Hood

Never deal with troublesome screen glare again. The included detachable shading hood ensures outstanding colour accuracy for professional work by eliminating the effect of ambient light on your monitor display, in both portrait and landscape orientations.

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Designed for Flexibility

Ergonomics can play a huge role in productivity. Adjust your monitor to the right height for ultimate comfort and an improved workflow. Pivot auto-detection rotates the display according to screen orientation so you can easily work with projects of all sizes.

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Easy on the Eyes

Stable Flicker-free technology lets you work long hours in front of your computer without tiring or damaging the eyes. BenQ’s Low Blue Light Technology is designed to filter out harmful blue light, effectively diminishing eye fatigue and irritation.


Without Flicker-free and Low Blue Light

With Flicker-free and Low Blue Light