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Jeremy Daalder, the director of Image Science explaining the range of BenQ Colour Accurate Monitors, including what they are & who they are for.

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Image Science was invited to CP+ 2019 to talk about their thoughts on AQColor™.

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Take a Photo Walk with Mark Galer through Yokohama Japan.

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Fashion photographer Christopher Quyen takes you through Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with BenQ AQCOLOR monitor.

Accurate Colour On the Go

BenQ’s Accurate Colour On the Go system brings colour accuracy to the studio & even in the field!

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Calibrating BenQ SW series Monitors

A guide on using BenQ’s direct hardware calibration system for SW monitors with Palette Master Elements software.

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Colour Accuracy to Everyone!

An evaluation of BenQ’s amazing value baby colour accurate monitor - SW240

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Colour Accurate Monitors for Eye Fatigue

Recommendations of monitors specifically developed to be good for eye health.

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Colour Management & Lighting

Colour management is a very complex topic, here is a list of different topics that will explain every aspect in more detail from Calibration to Lighting. 

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Getting Started with your New Monitor

A handy Guide to help you get started with a new monitor. It covers unpacking to cable options.

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